Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical

Aluminum casting

Main activities:

  • Shaped casting from aluminum alloys by high-pressure molding, in chills and in sand;
  • Design and manufacture of casting process accessories from drawings developed by our company's specialists or from those developed by a customer;
  • Machining: milling, turning, grinding and drilling;
  • Development and manufacture of aluminum radiators for LED lighting fixtures.

The company has been working at the casting market since l989. More than 100 casting names are manufactured by the company. These products are manufactured both for machine building industry, household appliances and national economy. For the last three years the product release has been increased by 10 times. Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical Plant «Magnoliya» is a supplier of aluminum products to the main conveyor of OJSC «KAMAZ». Production capacities ensure the production of up to 200 tons of castings per year.

The Company applies one-stop principle i.e. development of design and technical documentation, manufacture of process accessories, aluminum casting  by high-pressure molding, in chills and in sand, and machining of finished products.

Quality Management System has been successfully introduced at the Company. The System is certified to comply with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) and ISO/TS 16949 thus ensuring high quality of the manufactured products.

Since 2011, Lean Manufacturing Concept has been developed and being implemented at the Company including 5 S Kaizen TPM. Since 2014, lean manufacturing tools have been implemented in the framework of pilot project entitled «Naberezhnye Chelny - City of Sustainable Development».

Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical Plant «Magnoliya» received a positive audit conclusion from OJSC «KAMAZ» in April, 2011.

There is a capability of design and manufacture of complex process accessories from the drawings developed by our company specialists or from those of the customer.

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