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Drilling rig shelters

Drilling rig shelters are separate cloths or tent structures. They can be attached to the frame of a drilling rig and be joint together by fasteners preventing atmospheric precipitation from entering and ensuring even tension of a shelter. Drilling rig shelters ate widely used in oil and gas industry. They are used on drilling rigs during oil and gas production.

Drilling rig shelters protect equipment and personnel from atmospheric precipitation and natural factors thus ensuring comfortable working conditions.

Drilling rig shelters manufactured by our company provides for repeated disassembly and installation processes when moving a drilling rig to a new field. Fastening of tent shelter members against each other and with the frame is carried out by belts and clamps and by lacing through lacing eyes (holes).

PVC cloth used to manufacture drilling rig shelters, features high strength and durability ensuring repeated   application thereof. The shelters are fire-, frost- and waterproof, resistant to corrosive fluids (oils, petrol, kerosene, acids, alkali, cleansing agents etc.) and rapid temperature changes (-60…+70ºС).

Shelters can be manufactured both of standard size (3х10 m, 6х10 m, 10х10 m, 15х15 m, 20х20 m) and off-standard size when manufactured as per customer’s drawings and sketches.

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