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Tent architecture

Frame and tent architecture ensures mobility, quick installation and disassembly of structures almost in any place of sufficient area and relatively even surface. Its advantages are price affordability, light weight, durability and reparability.

We offer the following types of frame and tent architecture:

  • tents for stands, stadiums, city squares;
  • tent pavilions;
  • tents for wrestles;
  • open-air cafes;
  • wall tents;
  • shelters;
  • tents and summerhouses;
  • curtains for car wash and car service;
  • swimming-pools.

Tent cloth with PVC cover of domestic or foreign origin is used as a cover. The cloth is also used for tents on Gazel trucks

Manufacture of both typical structures and projects completed as per custom order, is possible.


Dimensions, m

Price, rubles

Tent pavilion (tents for trading, entertainments) 


20 500

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