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High pressure molding

Equipment for high pressure molding enables to manufacture high quality thin-section castings of complex configuration with high accuracy in size by means of quick injection of molten metal into a die mold under high pressure.

List of equipment:

No. Description of equipment Locking pressure, tons Country of origin

Machine Injection-molding TST-400, 1 pce.

400  Switzerland
2 Casting machine MLD А71107, 1 pce. 160 Russia
3 Casting machine MLD А71108, 2 pcs. 240 Russia
4 Casting machine MLD А71109, 2 pcs. 400 Russia
5 Casting machine MLD А71110, 2 pcs. 630 Russia


Weight of castings during high pressure molding can be from 30 gr. to 5 kg. Maximum possible casting dimensions are 400 mm Х 400 mm Х 350 mm.

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