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Covers for various application

We offer manufacturing of cover tents so as to extend service life of your equipment.

A cover tent and a tent for a boat will help protect your machines or equipment from moisture entering (snow, rain), sun, dust and mud thus ensuring the preservation thereof.

Cover tents preserve their properties, keep the elasticity, do not break and are easy to use   (easily mounted, dismounted and packed). All of this considerably extend their service life.

Quality materials of domestic and foreign origin are used when manufacturing of cover tents.

We offer the following types of cover tents:

  • curtains and covers for vehicles;
  • tents for boats;
  • tents and covers for aquatic equipment  (yachts, motor boats);
  • tents and cover for для two-wheeled motor vehicles (motor cycles, four-wheelers, cross-country vehicles, etc.);
  • tents and covers for special equipment;
  • tents and covers for various application.

Our company will manufacture tents and covers both for standard items and items as per your sketches.

Prices please specify by phone +7 (965) 625-79-14.

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