Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical

Manufacture of die molds

The company has at its dispose highly qualified specialists thus ensuring the development and implementation of production processes to manufacture castings of any degree of complexity. When developing a production process to manufacture castings as well as designing process casting accessories, we use modern software including a computer modeling program for casting processes which makes it possible to:

  • follow the dynamics of the process of die filling by metal and the process of crystallization of die casting;
  • obtain information on fields of velocity, pressure, temperature, and liquid phase and shrinkage defects.

Application of modern devices to automatize the work done by process engineers and designers, ensures the following:

  • development of highly effective and lean process of casting production;
  • reduction of time for preparation of the production and mastering of new products;
  • manufacture of castings of complex configuration and high quality which  more or less do not require additional treatment;
  • ensuring of easiness of production rearrangement in accordance with the market requirements.

Design and manufacture of complex process accessories from the drawings developed by our company specialists or from those of the customer

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