Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical

Chill casting

Chill casting production sector is equipped with single-station chill casting machines with vertical split, chill casting hydraulic plants with horizontal split, and core shooting machines. The equipment of chill casting production sector enables to manufacture complex castings of high density, fine grain structure and high accuracy in size.

List of equipment:

No. Description of equipment  Locking pressure, tons Country of origin
1 Floor-mounted hydraulic press with remote pump (vertical), 1 pce. 16 Russia
2 Floor-mounted hydraulic press with remote pump (horizontal), 2 pcs. 16 Russia
3 Core shooting machine, Model "438" production capacity up to 300 cores per hour Russia




Weight of castings during chill casting is from 50 gr. to 7 kg. Maximum casting dimensions are 400 mm Х 500 mm Х 250 mm.


Design and manufacture of complex process accessories from the drawings developed by our company specialists or from those of the customer

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