Naberezhnochelninskiy Casting and Mechanical


Our factory renders services in machining (machine working): miller processing, lathe turning, grinder processing, drilling.

Dimensions of items to be machined: 1000х700х300 mm, weight up to 350 kg.

List of equipment:

No. Description of equipment  Country of origin


Vertical HPM machining center RAIS М650 Bulgaria
2 Vertical milling machine with CNC DMV 1000 Russia
3 Turing machine 16D25 Russia
4 Thread-turning machine 1K62D Russia
5 Thread-turning machine 16K20 (202022) Russia
6 Thread-turning machine 16K20 (211846) Russia
7 Thread-turning machine B16D25 (226058) Russia
8 Thread-turning machine, Model СU500МТ/1000 (RMTz1000m) Bulgaria
9 Universal vertical drilling machine, Model 2S132 Russia
10 Sharpening machine Russia
11 Drilling machine Russia
12 Drilling machine «Korvet 43» Russia
13 Horizontal milling machine 6R82G Russia
14 Super universal knee-and-column milling machine, Model 6DM80Sh Russia
15 Thread-turning machine, Model СU630МТ/1500 (RMTz1500m) Bulgaria
16  Internal grinding machine 3А229 Russia
17 Hydraulic press 10t, floor-mounted, with remote pump Russia
18 Thread-turning machine 1К62 Russia
19 Vertical milling machine Russia
20 Vertical finishing machine Russia
21 Horizontal finishing machine Russia
22 Grinding machine «Korvet 52» Russia
23 Abrasive belt grinding machine «Dzhet» Russia
24 Thread-cutting machine Russia



Design and manufacture of complex process accessories from the drawings developed by our company specialists or from those of the customer

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